Dr. Catrise Austin...

Dr. Catrise Austin, best known as “The Queen of Smiles”, is a trailblazing expert in the field of dentistry. 

She a #1 best selling author and is an award winning Cosmetic Dentist to the stars like Cardi B, Wendy Williams , Anthony Anderson, and Common to name a few. 

Dr. Austin was recently voted as one of the “Top 25 Women In Dentistry” by Dental Products Report Magazine and was also named as one of Kleer’s “Most Influential Dentist’s in America” for her influence in the field of Dentistry. 

Dr. Austin is an international speaker who has shared her oral care and personal branding tips with consumers, students, business professionals, and even singles looking to improve their image to find love. 

Dr. Austin has appeared on national tv shows like The Doctor Oz Show as well as local tv morning shows across America. 

She currently practices in New York and her hometown of Flint Michigan.

Inspiring beyond belief!!!

Dr. Austin connects with her audience on a personal level with a positive message that reassures you that you can either have the smile of your dreams, or be the one who creates dream smiles!

Antonio McMillen - student

Savannah State University

"Dr. Austin's story was inspiring for me.  Your past doesn't define your future."

DR. LISA LEWIS - Functional medicine doctor

Owner of The Holistic Healing Institute

"Dr. Austin inspired me to feel confident in my smile because our smiles are our power."

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dr. Austin's Published works

Get SMILED! tHE uLTIMATE Guide to improving your image.

Get Smiled reveals how you can experience a huge boost in confidence and overcome feeling unhappy, insecure, held back, and even lonely because of your smile.

How to become a celebrity doctor

How to Become a Celebrity Doctor shares my story and teaches you how to attract the clients and lifestyle that you deserve by boosting your industry status as a “celebrity” doctor.

How to start a teeth whitening business in no time

If you want to expand your skills, get a competitive advantage, and make easy money with little investment....let me show you how in my new Teeth Whitening Training Course Book: How To Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business- IN NO TIME!"